Xbox Resolver – Xbox Gamertag Finder & IP Puller

Xbox Resolver – Xbox Gamertag Finder & IP Puller

Xbox resolver is an IP resolver device intended to discover IP address and usernames of the Xbox players by catching and sniffing the information bundles from the data set. It settle the iP address and converts the IP to it’s pertinent gamer tag and the other way around. This deals with a similar guideline as the DNS works where every space is running on a particular IP address that deciphered by the web program.

In Xbox resolver, there’s need for a focal data set worker with all the Xbox usernames access however the Microsoft don’t allow the others to get to this private data from the information base. In this way, it makes incapable for some gamertags to determine.

ARP satirizing method comes convenient in the present circumstance which is any gamer over the organization can sniff the information parcels communicated over their organization. By catching the parcels from the organization Xbox gadgets, one can without much of a stretch draw up IP address of the live Xbox gamer. It can incorporate the ISP data like IP, nation and city of the gamer associated from.

Features of Xbox Gamertag Finder

There’s a lot of things you can do with this resolver however the absolute generally unmistakable and invigorating highlights are the accompanying ones.

Xbox Gamertag Finder

This instrument permits the gamers to discover the gamertag of the clients from a particular IP address and tight clamp versa to discover IP locations of a particular part in their gathering talk or in-game meeting.

It’s one of the amazing and progressed Xbox resolver instrument that catches bundles of Game worker IP and Xbox talk in a productive manner.

DNS Network Settings

It assists with boosting up the xbox association speed and furthermore how to change the DNS network settings effectively with no concerns.


At any point thought about how to perform Denial of Service assaults on the gamers? With the assistance of this xbox resolver players can play out the DDos’ing on different players to divert them disconnected from the organization.

Easier and Simplier GUI interface

GUI interface of this device is truly straightforward and work with that even any non-tech client can comprehend and perform activities without any problem. Very cordial GUI interface allows you to track down every one of the parcels you are searching for.

Instructions to Use Xbox Resolver

First of all download the tool from the below button.

Here’s point by point bit by bit guide on how IP puller or Xbox gamertag functions. Follow every one of the means as referenced beneath.

Whenever you have introduced every one of the necessary instruments, we need to make some organization arrangements. We need to impair IPv6 (Internet Protocol v6). To do as such, goto Start >> Settings >> Network and Internet and snap on Change Network Adapter Options button.

Right snap on the Internet association and look down to the Internet Protocal Version 6 (IPv6) and un-check it as displayed beneath.

Whenever you have debilitated the IPv6, download Xbox Resolver. You can likewise utilize the Octosniff or Lanc Remastered rather than this resolver which works similarly as it does. Concentrate the downloaded record utilizing any extraction programming like winrar.

Run the program named as Xbox Resolver.exe and you will be provoked to it’s GUI window.

Pick the organization connector to wifi or wired organization. Subsequent to picking organization, tick the ARP Spoofing and Filter alternative.

Following stage is to get your Xbox IP address. To get that, goto Settings > Network Settings > Get IP Information. Duplicate your IP and put it in the ARP Spoofing area.

Presently enter the source IP to your Xbox IP and in the objective port, enter the Xbox Port 3074. Try not to change the from address as it ought to be your default door IP address. Ensure it’s your default switch’s entryway IP.

Finally, confirm every one of the things are designed effectively and start Xbox party with different players. When different players join party, click on the Start button.

Note: In the Connections Tab you will begin to seeing all the IP tends to coming through. Find the IP address that relates to our predetermined Xbox port in the Protocol Tab and it will show the Xbox Live help.

As you discover the IP address, explore to the IP Multi Tool Tab for pinging, discovering the GEO area or doing a Port Scan on any of the IP address to bring more itemized data.

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