PSN Resolver – Powerful Playstation Resolver & IP Puller

PSN Resolver – Powerful Playstation Resolver & IP Puller

With regards to PSN or PS4 resolver, this device drives the race and ends up being outstanding amongst other psn and playstation resolver. It lets the clients to discover other gathering clients through related IP locations and tight clamp versa discovers the IP address of a username and makes a point to distinguish which parcels are coming from that particular client.

What is PSN Resolver?

PSN resolver are the devices that convert the PSN and PlayStation player usernames to IP address and furthermore from IP address to username too. It chips away at a similar standard as the DNS where every space is running on a particular IP address that interpreted by the web program. In PSN resolver, there’s necessary a focal data set worker with all the PSN usernames access yet the organization don’t allow the others to get to this private data from the data set. Along these lines, it makes incapable for some usernames to determine.

To comprehend it’s working expect the DNS (Domain Name System) working. At whatever point a client attempts to open up a site in their web program, the DNS resolver is reached and snatches the IP address of that particular space you mentioned for. DNS resolver is a decentralized framework where each time resolver access the worker for the mentioned address and sends it back to the program accordingly.

The DNS resolver associated on your machine is picked naturally by your Internet Service Provider. We can likewise design these DNS network supplier settings all alone assuming we need to. These settings can be arranged in the Network settings.


In order to get started working with it, you need to download the tool. You can use the below link for downloading playstation resolver.

Whenever you have introduced every one of the necessary devices, make some organization designs. We need to de-enact IPv6 (Internet Protocol v6). To do as such, goto Settings >> Network Internet and snap on Change Network Adapter Options button.

Right snap on the Active Internet Connection and look over the rundown down to discover the IPv6 choice. It will be checked of course. Just uncheck it and hit the OK catch to save changes. Presently restart the machine and download the PSN resolver from the underneath download segment.

Subsequent to downloading, unfasten it and run the PSN resolver.exe.

Subsequent to running it, you will land into it’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) window. In this window, select your Network Adapter and check the ARP Spoofing choice and Filter.

Presently move onto your control center’s Settings >> Network Settings and note down the IP address and set it back onto the ARP Spoofing window in PSN resolver. Remember the open ports for the best outcomes. Fill in the source IP in the control center settings and arrange the Port 9307 for PlayStation and 3074 for Xbox. Also, the from address will be the default door. Make a point to confirm every one of the settings.

Make or join the gathering on your control center and when anyone joins the gathering, click on Start and you will see the IP tends to coming through under the Connections Tab. Check the IP which is sent to the Port we opened. It will show the live PSN or Xbox administration.

As you discover the IP address you can utilize the IP Multi Tool tab on the PSN resolver to ping and discover open ports on a particular IP or discover more data about the IP address. Likewise you can turn a player to disconnected by means of DDoS assault.

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