Xbox, PSN Resolver

IP Puller & Gamertag Finder

Download the best IP puller and gamertag finder for the Xbox and Playstation.

PSN Resolver

Playstation or PSN resolver allows the playstation players to find out the IP addresses of any of specific player in a game session.  Also resolves the  gamertags for the Playstation gamers to find out whose playing on the other hand.

It’s specially designed for the gamers that are looking for Playstation resolver.


IP Puller & Resolver

This resolver allows gamers to find IP addresses of specific players in your party chat or in-game session.

Gamertag Finder

Players can precisely pull and locate IP address of any other player and from which they can find the gamertag of the other players.


Players can perform DDos operations on the other players IP to take them offline.


Xbox Resolver

Xbox resolver allows players to find out the IP addresses of any of specific player in a party chat or in game sessions. Not only can resolve IP address while user can find the Xbox gamertag as well with this tool easily.

It’s specially designed for the xbox gamers. This tool comes with the ARP sniffing, port scanning and GEO location tracking features.